Product Support

    “The management at OES has designed its product support department in such a way, so as to provide the best customer support that is needed to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction”

    Orient recognizes the expectations of customers; therefore we are focused on delivering real 24/7 support. Our success is mainly dependant upon our ability to support our customers.

    Our trained and qualified staff is vigilant in highlighting equipment performance that enables us to reduce the potential down time. Our after sales specialists are continuously in touch with customers for business guidance. Our spare parts ensure maximum service life and reliability to your equipment while our operation & maintenance is a complete plant management package with cost effectiveness.

    Our mobile service teams comprising of trained staff; regularly visit all customers in order to ensure that your machines run smoothly and for any other requirement we are always equipped with spare parts and hands-on services support.

    That is the reason we say ‘Orient Product Support, a fully Integrated Solution Provider’.

    For almost 16 years, Orient has had a successful experience in power generation services; we hold excellent relationship with our clients and we aim to consistently provide our customers quick serving through our proactive sales team, reliable service, parts back up and technical expertise.

    Our integrated customer support functions ensure that we offer excellent customer service and meet customer satisfaction levels.

Our Services
  • Field services (scheduled & unscheduled maintenances).
  • Workshop services (overhauling & repairing).
  • Specialized services (commissioning & consultancy).

  • 100% genuine Cummins parts
  • Cummins Parts Warranty coverage- as per policy
  • Parts distribution all over Pakistan
  • Timely availability
  • Adequate inventory levels with respect to known population
  • Close coordination with principal for parts requirements
  • Technical support from principal for customer issues
  • State of the art software for inventory control & management.
  • In process of upgrading software with latest version of Microsoft Ms AX
  • Planned cash counter to facilitate customer for spot purchases

Valvoline Oil


Authorized Distributor
Orient Energy Systems is the Authorized distributor for Valvoline/Cummins co-branded lubricant, namely Premium Blue and Classic Blue for the area of Pakistan.

Valvoline History
Valvoline is the first lubricating oil company of the world that started crude-based blending technology in 1866. Dr. John Ellis, an American physician, discovered the lubricating properties of crude oil while studying the potential healing powers of petroleum. The oil he developed worked effectively in high temperatures and was especially suitable to lubricate the large steam engines of the day. Dr. Ellis’ cylinder oil freed steam engine valves to move more easily.

Eight years later he would call his lubricating oil “Valvoline.” It was the first trademark in the young petroleum industry. His breakthrough solved the problems of gummed valves, corroded cylinders and leaking seals — setting the stage for more efficient steam power and the growth of the U.S. via the railroad and steam ships. Today, ValvolineTM lubricants, chemicals and car care products are manufactured, marketed and sold in more than 100 countries by Ashland Consumer Markets (Valvoline), a commercial unit of Ashland Inc. It is a fortune 500 company located in Lexington, Kentucky USA, with a turnover of over $13Billion.

The innovative edge
Ashland operates a worldwide network of laboratories that develop and test high-performance Valvoline products that go beyond specifications to give users the confidence that their vehicles will perform at their very best.

Over a century of quality
With more than 140 years of success, the Valvoline brand is recognized as a leader in product and service quality, with millions of loyal customers around the world.

Salient features

  • Hi-Performance Synthetic Technology meets the most demanding requirements of modern EGR engines operating at elevated temperatures, higher soot and higher acid levels in the engine oil.
  • Cummins approved for 5,000-mile oil drain extension, under normal duty, for 2007 engines.
  • Superior synthetic base stocks provide faster, safe starts during freezing weather and enhanced thermal properties for hot weather operations.
  • Unique formulation has demonstrated improved fuel economy over leading conventional oils.
  • Reduced high temperature carbon buildup – both single and two-piece pistons – and ring/liner wear protection leads to improved oil consumption control.

Benefits / Advantages

Unique Valvoline Exclusive Booster provides enhanced protection and performance, such as

  • Outstanding soot control.
  • Exceptional acid neutralization capability to protect against corrosive wears.
  • Provides ultimate wear protection for maximum engine life.
  • Improves engine life through enhanced deposit control.
  • Proven field performance worldwide in a variety of engine types, operating conditions and fuel quality.

Product range

  • 5 litre bottle
  • 18 litre bucket
  • 200 litre drum

Versatile applications

  • Cummins Diesel Engines
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Other diesel vehicles

After Sales
  • Dedicated and committed after sales team.
  • Always striving to build customer relations.
  • Proactive sales strategy to meet on time customer demands of parts & services.

Technical Support
  • Reserved rights of trained warranty administrator.
  • OES Product Support has its own trained trainers to build customer awareness and capabilities on the equipment.
  • Availability of dedicated engineering & technical department to support customer special needs.
  • Training Program for customers and OES’staff.
  • 24/7 Quick Serve technique for service engineers/end users..