Orient Oils

Orient Energy Group has setup manufacturing and blending facilities for environment friendly New/Fresh/Virgin Transformer/Insulating Oil and Lubricating Oils at Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, duly backed and supported by Hi-tech SOS Laboratory by launching a private limited Company under the name of Orient Oils (Private) Limited.

Mission and Vision

  • Mission:

    Do not market-product or services but always strive to market benefits and satisfaction to its clients.

  • Vision:

    Always think beyond the Product & Service being rendered and consider what the consumer is actually buying and his reasoning behind that purchase.

Company Objectives

    Orient Oils (Pvt.) Limited was established and incorporated on 20-01-2011 under company’s ordinance 1984, as a Private Limited Company (Limited by shares) with a paid-up capital of Rs. 250 Million with the following objectives;

  • LABORATORY (SOS):To provide service of Oil testing and monitoring with tracking system to back-up after Sales Service/ maintenance like Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) to OESL’s O&M. Maintenance services expanded to Electrical Equipments including Transformers with Mobile De–Hydrating Unit.
  • LUBE OIL BLENDING PLANT: Orient Energy Systems (Private) Limited also being the authorized dealer/ distributor of GE JENBACHER GAS GENSET in Pakistan, Bangladesh & U. A. E. and other branded Machines and Equipments are generating sizeable volumes of Gas Engine Oils and other Lubricants which forced OESL to obtain any one or more International brand/brands of Gas Engine Oil duly approved by OEM under franchise arrangement and also come forward for local blending of Lubricants to withstand competition with locally blended International brands.
  • TRANSFORMER OIL MANUFACTURING PLANT: By virtue of having team of professionals with experience of over 30 years in developing, marketing of indigenous Transformer Oil in Pakistan coupled with an advantage of OESL’s strong presence in the power/Energy sector, the establishment of manufacturing/processing unit of Transformer Oil was the first priority beside SOS Laboratory in order to start commercial activities well before the Blending plant came into being.

Lubricating Oil Blending Plant

    Key Features

  • NO WASTE MATERIAL is generated during processing/blending of Lubricating Oil.
  • Base Oils in pre-determined percentage depending upon formulation & grades are charged into Blending Vessel through AUTOMATIC METERING DEVICE to control the quantity measurement of each Base Oil intended to be used.
  • It takes about 20-25 minutes to get the product ready for Sampling, testing and filling.
  • Lube Oil blending facility based on PLC’s controlled Automatic Batch Blending (ABB) System duly supported with additional manual blending in case of any Operational/Technical pause/stoppage.
  • The plant is equipped with Additives dosing system to take care of incorporation of certain Additives required in small percentages in order to control/ensure the accuracy.

Transformer Oil Manufacturing Plant (Latest Permasorb ® Process)

  • The entire manufacturing of Transformer Oil is automatically controlled by Special Software developed on Supervisory Controlled & data Acquisition (SCADA).
  • Transformer Oil Base Stock (TOBS) is stored in Lube Base Oil storage tanks from where the Oil is passed through a series of filled activated columns, which act as multi functional processors where all the above deficiencies are removed, followed by Dehydration & Filtration chambers controlled at the temperature of 60/65 degree Centigrade under high vacuum.
  • Moisture up to 10 ppm is also removed from the Oil which enhances the Di-Electric properties of Oil and in certain cases where required, Additives are incorporated through Injector which finally allows the Oil to qualify & use as Insulator/Cooler in Transformers and other Electrical Equipments.

SOS Laboratory

The laboratory for SOS (Schedule Oil Sampling) is being set up with an objective for testing and monitoring with tracking system of used LUBRICATING OIL & Transformer Oil to OESL’s general Clientele including O & M.

Quality Policy at SOS Laboratory

  • Orient Oils (Pvt) Limited has the state of the art, hi-tech & exclusive scheduled oil sampling testing laboratory named OOPL’s SOS Laboratory Complex, having its momentous supporting role to the lubricant industry. We at OOPL, SOS Lab Complex are committed to establish the best quality practices & compliance to all the applicable standards as well as specifically ISO 17025:2005 to be the benchmark for all the oil testing laboratories in Pakistan and globally.

  • We at OOPL’s SOS Laboratory Complex are committed with our customers for providing finest professional practice & the quality of its testing and calibration in servicing to its customers. We ensure to conduct all the testing under strict compliance of under ISO/IEC 17025:2005 & providing accurate results to our customers by following all ethically and honourably practices at our SOS Laboratory Complex to serve our customers with best of our knowledge, technical support and precise results.

  • The quality services at our SOS Laboratory Complex are ensured to be of best quality. The services offered are designed by focusing to fulfil and support the requirements of our customers & the target market in lieu of our product quality assurance as well.
  • We established management system based on ISO 17025:2005 to ensures that each task, activity, testing, process & documentation are performed consistently in compliance to the requirements of the applicable standards also including all the statutory & regulatory requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • The personnel, we have at our SOS Laboratory are well trained & experienced quality professionals who are familiarized with the Management System being well conversant with all the requirements including Quality documentation, methods and all activities performed at our Complex.
  • The services & facilities we offer at OOPL’s SOS Laboratory Complex are unmatchable & we are committed to be the benchmark in providing accurate results & best technical support to our customers.
  • Warehouse

      Two warehouses are being built as shown in the site key plan, i.e. Finished Product Shed and Warehouse/Store for the Spares/parts & other Raw Material/Packing material Storage. The details are as follows:

      Finished Products Shed (SOS)

      Area – 3,800 sq. ft out of the total Factory Area of 90,000 sq. ft.

      Raw Materials Warehouse/STORE

      Area – 3,800 sq. ft. out of the total Factory Area of 90,000 sq. ft.

    Raw Material & Vehicular Traffic

      - 80% of Raw –Material is available locally like Base Oils at NRL and Additives with local dealers and all types of packing material from plastic Cans of varying capacity to Steel Drums, Seals and Cartons etc. etc.

      -20% of Raw Material i.e. Group –II Base Oils etc. would be met through already established contacts with some of reputable international suppliers. However, in case of problem in local availability of Base Oil in respect of Quality, price & on time availability/delivery according to requirement, sourcing from imports of even Group –I Base Oil would also be arranged.

      -The vehicular traffic include daily visiting office vehicles and loading vehicles. A parking space for 25 numbers of vehicles has been allocated inside the premises, whereas 10 number of loading vehicles can be accommodated inside the plant at one time.

      -The vehicles would be contractor operated duly approved by National Refinery Limited for transportation of Base Oils.

      -The timings of loading Vehicles would be from 0830 hours to 1730 hours daily.


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