With manufacturing facilities in Italy and Austria, Euroclima specializes in the production and worldwide distribution of state-of-the-art air-conditioning and ventilation systems. Euroclima meets its customers’ needs through innovation, quality and comprehensive service that it provides. It has a well-distributed network of sales and service all over Europe, Asia, Middle East and Northern Africa.

    Euroclima equipment optimizes the indoor ambient temperature, ventilation and humidity to meet your individual settings. The air handling unit provides for a healthy, germ-free air and a pleasant room climate which promotes your well being and efficiency.

    Contamination has a direct impact on food products along with health and safety of consumers which thereby influences the brand’s reliability and quality image in customers’ minds. Keeping this in mind Euroclima’s equipment is designed for the food processing industry, so as to preserves freshness and ensuring hygiene that protects your health from contamination. Understanding the unique requirements of consumers and the hygienic risks, Euroclima units set new standards of ventilation technology and air-conditioning.

Salient Features
  • High hygienic standard & reliability of air parameters.
  • Healthy, germ-free and pleasant room climate.
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Innovative technological design.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Compact dimensions.

Product Range

ASEPSIS – Hygienic Air Handling Units
FI – Stainless Steel Hygienic Air Handling Units
Cleanline – Air Treatment Units for Hospitals
ZHK 2000 – Air Handling Units