Dunham Bush

    Dunham Bush is one of the world’s top commercial air-conditioning manufacturers who have long been committed to offering creative solutions whilst meeting customer’s requirements for over its 100+ years’ history in HVAC-R. The Company offers a complete range of HVAC-R products comprising of large chillers, unitary, airside systems, ice tanks, cooling towers and much more to residences, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

    Dunham Bush’s emphasis on environmental sustainability has paved the way for energy efficient, clean energy products such as Geothermal Heat Pumps and fully-integrated Ice Thermal Storage Systems. The Company’s ability and willingness to adapt its products and services according to customer needs sets it apart from its competitors. DB has manufacturing facilities in USA, UK, Malaysia & China.

Salient Features
  • A wide array of chillers and unitary cooling equipment for commercial and residential buildings.
  • Lower lifetime operational costs.
  • Solutions and value under a single source.
  • Highest C.O.P. Chillers.
  • Green building design focusing on energy efficiency and efficient total operation costs.
  • Value added HVAC-R solutions.

Product Range

Model Tonnes Available
Air-cooled Screw/Scroll Chillers 10 – 640 USRT
Water-cooled Screw / Scroll Chillers 12 – 1100 USRT
Air-cooled split units 2.5 – 126 USRT
Air-cooled self-contained ducted 2.5 – 113 USRT
Air-handling units 800 CFM to 640000 CFM
Fan Coil units 0.5 – 4.0 USRT
Precission type air conditioning units 2.0 – 26.0 USRT

  • DB Chiller
  • DB Precission Type
  • DB Factory