GE Jenbacher, Austria

    GE Jenbacher is a leading Gas gensets manufacturer in Austria ranked 1st in the world’s Gas gensets industry. Its gas engine division is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gas-fuelled reciprocating engines, packaged generator sets and cogeneration units for power generation.

    In Pakistan, the gensets range in power from 0.33 to 4.4MW which can be run either on natural gas or a variety of other gases such as biogas, landfill gas , coal mine gas, sewage gas and combustible industrial waste gases.

    Patented combustion systems, engine controls and monitoring enable its power generation plants to meet stringent emission standards whilst offering high levels of efficiency, durability and reliability.

    With more than 50 years of experience in gas genset manufacturing, GE Jenbacher offers world leading technical support for each of its products.

Salient Features
  • Most efficient gas engine – best fuel consumption in its class.
  • Can run on a variety of combustable gases .
  • Low vibration – only 3% dynamic load.
  • Smaller in size and lighter in weight.
  • State-of-the-art Le-Nox system to control air fuel ratio.
  • Control system designed, produced and tested by GE Jenbacher.
  • Can run on power & island mode.
  • Longer maintenance intervals – 30,000 hrs top end overhaul and 60,000 hrs major overhaul.
  • GEJ’s worldwide experience in natural gas as well as non-natural gas engines.
  • Orient’s product support coverage all over Pakistan.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty.

Product Range

Model Voltage of Generation Power Range (kW @ISO)
JGS 208 400 V 330
JGS 312 400 V 635
JGS 316 400 V 834
JGS 320 400 V / 11000 V 1063 / 1053
JGS 412 400 V 844
JGS 416 400 V / 11000 V 1127 / 1126
JGS 420 400 V / 11000 V 1410 / 1409
JGS 612F 400 V / 11000 V 2006 / 2003
JGS 616F 11000 V 2677
JGS 620F 11000 V 3352
JGS 624G 11000 V 4029
JGS 624H 11000 V 4375

Most Versatile Applications
  • Natural Gas
  • Coke Gas
  • Associated Gas
  • Landfill Gas
  • Bio Gas
  • Coal Mine
  • Sewage Gas
  • Wood Gas

Superior Product Support Network
Orient Energy Systems has the best product support infrastructure in power & industrial engineering solutions in Pakistan.

With ‘round the clock’ services and internationally trained service engineers along with well equipped workshops and spare parts inventory, we excel at catering to urgent needs of our customers.

Gas Systems audit
On customer request, our professional team carries out ‘Energy systems audit’ to help assess the actual electrical requirements and in selection of appropriate gas generator rating for power generation. The focus of this audit is, to help our customers in reducing the capital & operating cost of self-power generation project that would enhance the competitiveness in their core business.
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO14001