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Waukesha engines are hard at work powering the world’s energy infrastructure – driving compressors in gas-gathering, processing and transmission operations and providing electrical power for industries, rugged oil and gas fields in remote corners of the globe. Meeting the needs of today’s energy-hungry world with clean, efficient power requires knowledgeable, trustworthy partners at every point along the energy supply chain.

GE Waukesha gas engines business is a recognized leader in the industry for:

  • Genset Ranges from 230kWe to 3605kWe
  • Specially designed for rough high ambient Conditions.
  • Reliable, Rugged and High Endurance
  • Fuel Flexibility (Higher BTU Fuel Capability)
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Lifecycle Cost
  • State of the art – Low Emissions
  • Improved Thermal Efficiency
  • Longer Maintenance Intervals
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty

GE Waukesha Channel Partner in Pakistan – Orient Energy Systems Pvt Ltd.

Orient Energy Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. is the Channel Partner of GE Waukesha – one of the leading names in gas engines manufacturing. In Pakistan, there are more than 1,000 Waukesha gas generator sets running in all type of industries, oil and gas sectors and enjoying following key benefits:

  • Strong and committed Sales team
  • Equipped with designing and project management software systems
  • Well-equipped workshops and trained engineers
  • 24/7 back support at your doorstep
  • Availability of complete range of spare parts

Salient Features & Benefits

Designed for a demanding industry and backed by more than a century of engine building experience, a Waukesha engine is a sound investment that provides peace-of-mind through multiple benefits.

VGF Gas Enginators (230 kWe to 685 kWe)*

  • GE’s Waukesha VGF generator sets offer a compact, fuel flexible package delivering exceptional performance in prime power, cogeneration, peak shaving and stand-by power applications.
  • High speed operation results in low fuel consumption – more gas for compression.
  • Hot fuels capability delivers full power – no need for complex fuel treatment.

VHP Gas Enginators (540 kWe to 1460 kWe)*

  • GE’s Waukesha VHP generator sets are built for efficiency, durability and longevity providing reliable power for continuous and intermitted power application.
  • Hot fuel tolerant.
  • Low emission across varying applications
  • High altitude capability available.

275GL + Gas Enginators (2705 kWe to 3605 kWe)*

  • Designed to demanding specifications of the gas compression industry, GE’s Waukesha 275GL+ Enginator is the right choice for rugged oilfield power generation and associated gas application.
  • A unique combination of robust construction and innovative technology, the 275GL+ lean-burn engine delivers best-in-class fuel flexibility, power output and emissions for unmatched performance.
  • More power, greater efficiency and lower emissions.
  • Application flexibility from 600 to 2300 BT producing more power on more fuels.
  • High horsepower for field gas compression or power generation.

*Rating is based on 0.8pf and alternator efficiency as per ISO standard reference conditions @ 50Hz.

Product Portfolio

Genset Model   Remote Radiator Cooling          Engines Only
Voltage Continuous
Engine Model Continuous
                                   275GL+ Series (50 Hz, 1000 RPM)
16V 275GL+ 3.3/6.6/11kV   3605 16V 275GL+   3729
12V 275GL+ 3.3/6.6/11kV   2705 12V 275GL+   2796
                                   275VHP Series (50 Hz, 1000 RPM)
VHP9504GSI 400V   1460 P9394GSI   1531
VHP9500GSI 400V   1175 P9394GSI   1224
VHP9500GL 400V   1175 P9394GL   1224
VHP7104GSI/GSID 400V   1100 L7044GSI   1153
VHP7100GSI/GSID S4 400V   875 L7042GSI S4   920
VHP7100GL 400V   875 L7042GL   919
VHP5904LT/LTD 400V   900 L5794LT   947
VHP5904GSI/GSID 400V   900 L5794GSI   947
VHP3604GSI/GSID 400V   540 F3524GSI   573
                                   275VGF Series (50 Hz, 1500 RPM)
VGF48GL/GLD 400V   685 P48GL   730
VGF48GSI/GSID 400V   625 P48GSI/GSID   660
VGF36GL 400V   515 L36GL   550
VGF36GLD 400V   515 L36GLD   550
VGF36GSI/GSID 400V   475 L36GSI/GSID   500
VGF24GL 400V   340 H24GL   365
VGF24GLD 400V   340 H24GLD   365
VGF24GSI/GSID 400V   310 H24GSI/GSID   330
VGF18GL 400V   250 F18GL   275
VGF18GLD 400V   250 F18GLD   275
VGF18GSI/GSID 400V   230 F18GSI/GSID   250
For more information about GE Waukesha gas engines, please visit:

Most Versatile Applications
  • Natural Gas
  • Coke Gas
  • Associated Gas
  • Landfill Gas
  • Bio Gas
  • Coal Mine
  • Sewage Gas
  • Wood Gas
  • Field Gas
  • HD-5 Quality Propane Gas
  • Digestor Gas

Superior Product Support Network
Orient Energy Systems has the best product support infrastructure in power & industrial engineering solutions in Pakistan.

With ‘round the clock’ services and internationally trained service engineers along with well-equipped workshops and spare parts inventory, we excel at catering to urgent needs of our customers.

Gas Systems audit
On customer request, our professional team carries out ‘Energy systems audit’ to help assess the actual electrical requirements and in selection of appropriate gas generator rating for power generation. The focus of this audit is, to help our customers in reducing the capital & operating cost of self-power generation project that would enhance the competitiveness in their core business.

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO14001