Cummins Diesel Engines

    Being a higher energy density fuel, diesel proves to be extremely efficient and cost-effective. Diesel engines are used in industrial operations, oil & gas applications, and marine equipments as well as for genset and automotive industry. Clients have their own preferences when it comes to fuel and OES makes sure that it caters to the needs of all customers. Working on this principle, OES has joined hands with Cummins Diesel Engines and is now the authorized distributor in its network.

Cummins Engines
    Clean, efficient, dependable and durable; Cummins engines are found in all kinds of pumps, boats, drilling equipments, vehicles and gensets. Every Cummins engine is backed by Cummins Genuine Parts and Service providing total customer support from over 5,500 worldwide locations 24/7. It is the only engine manufacturer with a single, integrated system that encompasses critical sub-systems from air intake to exhaust after treatment.

    At Cummins, it is important to meet emission standards. However, the real challenge comes from building diesel engines that run clean – and still deliver power, durability and dependability without compromise.
    This line-up includes your choice of electronically or mechanically controlled engines that meet global emissions requirements. Cummins range of products spans from 31 to 3500 hp, powering everything from lawn tractors to mammoth haul trucks.

    Whatever industry you are in, Cummins is there. Mining, Automotive, Agriculture, Construction, Oil and Gas, Railways, oil rigs, boats, even tanks and other military applications are all powered by Cummins engines.

Salient Features
  • Engines designed using software that ensures seamless integration into equipment.
  • Application engineers custom-match engine configuration to load factors, temperature, humidity, auxiliary components and more.
  • High productivity and less downtime.
  • Longer service intervals and reduced cost of operation.
  • Fuel system designed for durable, dependable performance with an integral accumulator in the injector and double-wall fuel lines.
  • Significantly reduced noise and vibration for quiet operation, plus exceptional speed control.
  • World-class reliability and durability are achieved with a combination of features.

Product Range

Engine Category Diesel Engine Gas Engine
Industrial Engines 60- 3500 BHP 49- 850 BHP
On Highway Engines 135-620 BHP 150- 320 BHP
Oil & Gas Engines 69-3000 BHP 49- 850 BHP
Marine Mercruiser Diesel Engine 76- 580 BHP Not applicable
Marine Commercial Propulsion Engine 500- 2300 BHP Not applicable
Marine Generator 37- 1220 kW Not applicable
Generator Sets – (G-Drive Engine) 60-1450 BHP 89-1334 BHP

Product Pictures
  • Highway Engine
  • Industrial Engine
  • Oil and Gas Engine
  • Marine Engine
  • G-Drive Generator