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Solar Energy


    If you are concerned about the ever increasing and unpredictable energy bills, the effect of unanticipated power outages and future energy shortages now is the right time to explore and plan your strategy for transition to solar energy.

    Solar energy has been a serious source of energy for many years because of the amounts of energy that are made freely available from the sun and if harnessed properly can transform into electricity for your home and business needs.

    Why transition to solar at all? Relying on the electric company for our electricity has been convenient. However, we know it is no longer easy to acquire/ consume electricity and in the past few years many of us have experienced rolling blackouts, power outages and these instances are happening multiple times on a regular basis. Now maybe the best time to really explore the advantages of solar energy and how to transform this source of energy for our homes and businesses electricity needs.

Advantages of going Solar
  • After initial investment, all the electricity you produce is free.
  • Reduces or completely eliminates your electric bill.
  • Cost of solar panels are decreasing while efficiency is increasing.
  • Solar panels have life of 20-30 years.
  • Virtually no maintenance and no recurring costs.
  • Ideal for remote locations that cannot be tied to the grid.

Solar Street Lights

    Solar Street lights are raised light sources which are powered by photovoltaic panels generally mounted on the lighting structure. The photovoltaic panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers a fluorescent/LED lamp during the night. They are designed to illuminate large areas with the highest intensity of lighting.

    OES offers a wide variety of solar lighting configurations and styles to meet your specific needs. The system will be configured according to the environmental conditions of the installation site as well as your specific requirements. Our compact solar systems offer street lights, garden light and search light used for commercial, residential, streets, parking lots and security lighting using high quality of products.

Solar Pumps

    A solar powered pump runs on electricity generated by photovoltaics. The operation of solar powered pumps is more economical and has less environmental impact than pumps powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE).

Advantages of Solar Pumps
  • Solar-powered Water Systems are practical in flat terrain where the sun shines and ideal for use in Pakistan.
  • Solar-powered water pumps can be placed in or next to the pond or other source of water and the water can be pumped where it is needed.
  • Solar water pumping is clean and efficient.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems

    Solar photovoltaic systems refer to a wide variety of solar electricity systems. Solar photovoltaic systems use solar panels made of silicon to convert sunlight into electricity. They are used in a number of ways, primarily to power homes that are inter-tied or interconnected with the grid. Orient Energy Systems provides solutions for solar powered PV systems for OFF grid and ON Grid applications.

  • Off grid applications are designed with battery back up operation for range of 1 kW to 10 kW capacities or more.
  • DC equipments such as DC fans and lights are used for domestic system to cut down power consumption and save energy up to 40 % making solar a viable option.
  • On grid application is for grid tie operation ranging from 50 kW to MW range.
  • OES provides solar energy products for your home that can help improve your home’s comfort and market value. You’ll enjoy the benefits of little or no maintenance, long product life and excellent reliability of our solar system equipment. We offer internationally acclaimed products in solar technology and have the network and resources to offer the highest quality at the most reasonable price for our customers.

BTS/Telecom Solution

    In a Hybrid configuration the Systems allows the use of dual sources, DC primary and AC engine genset secondary,
    where load size makes it impractical to power by PV alone, or where redundant power is required for critical
    applications. With the integrated extensive remote and control features gives the system many advantages over
    traditional” power generators.

Advantages of Hybrid Solution
  • High reliable solar energy hybrid power solution.
  • Low operation and maintenance expense as compared to DG system.
  • Achieve low cost operation.
  • Reduce fossil fuel dependency, environmental friendly.

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